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A Chinese economics professor has made the daring suggestion that China's poorest bachelors should group together and share a wife.
Xie Zuoshi, a professor at Zhejiang University of Finance in eastern China, made the proposal in a post on his personal blog reported People's Daily Online.
The post was in response to the recently unveiled statistics that predicted China will have 30 million more men than women by 2020...


China's one child policy, which resulted in MILLIONS of female fetuses being aborted in favor of having just one SON, this incredible and horrible sexism in Chinese culture (which used to be played out by forms of infanticide such as throwing female babies down wells or smothered to death simply because it used to be that the FIRST CHILD had to be a SON) has now resulted in about 30 MILLION MEN who have no choice of brides.  Possibly this is an economic problem only, but not probably.  Where there are so fewer WOMEN, women do have a greater choice of men. 

But a friend who once moved to ALASKA because she was so very tall, though beautiful, that she was not being asked on dates, came back to America and said, "There are men in Alaska but the problem is that Alaska is in the men..." 

I suspect that  while CHINESE WOMEN can be pickier than perhaps ever before, choosing a husband isn't only about money but also CLASS and TRADITION, such as parents doing the matchmaking, as well as issues such as PHYSICAL APPEARANCE and DISABILITY, and LOCATION, factoring in.

Maybe the Professor was being practical, but the article doesn't seem to mention what he thought WOMEN might think about HAVING TWO HUSBANDS in CHINESE CULTURE.  It's true that there have been some cultures in which a woman had two or even many husbands AT THE SAME TIME, all living together or close by, but I've taken the anthropology class; most often these men are BROTHERS and basically, she does NOT have to sexually satisfy ALL OF THEM.  Instead, the genetic and economic issue means that the brothers total a smaller number of children to support though this shared wife, because the WIFE is very much stuck at home doing FEMALE SPECIFIC work.  And if you sleep with a bunch of brothers, maybe none of them are going to know for sure that they are or are not the father of a certain child.

Also, American men are IMPORTING CHINESE WOMEN AS BRIDES to live here with them and become U.S. Citizens and wealthy Chinese women are also coming right here to HAVE 2nd and 3rd children!  (I recently saw a group of them being given a tour of a garden together, with one man who spoke some English as the guide.  How rare to see a bevy of young Chinese beauties, all seven or more months pregnant, sans wedding bands, walking through the garden!)  I've previously read that Chinese men are importing South Korean women to marry.

So if you happen to be a CHINESE MAN WITHOUT ANY PROSPECTS FOR MARRIAGE (or if you happen to be Professor Xie Zoushi), may I suggest that some people will have to LEAVE CHINA to marry? As in the history of the United States, a starting point is to find Cousins here in the U.S. to sponsor you!  Further, you may have to give up on the idea of marrying another person who appears Asian!  As there is a surplus of women all over the world who want to be married and who are attracted to men outside their own race or ethnicity, this is also a possibility. 

And, of course, some of you never married Chinese men, actually will prefer to remain unmarried, but have one or many Mistresses through your life time!  Just like the old Emperors!



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