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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Wikipedia
Born 17 July 1947
Married Andrew Parker Bowles 1973-1995
Married Prince Charles 2005
This down to earth country girl, once a debutant in London with a small inheritance just north of a million, was thought of as very pretty and much fun, but never an outstanding beauty.  Camilla was involved with Andrew Parker-Bowles, the man she eventually married and had children with, for seven years before she did, and intended to stick with it, but there were problems.  First her husband had affairs.  Second, she and Prince Charles became as close as two people can come on this earth to being soul mates. In fact, she was probably his first real love.  They ran in the same circles. Andrew once had a hot romance with Charles' sister, Princess Ann, and Charles stood as godfather to her son. But, you may know the story: Charles went into military service, and when they did date, before marriages, he seemed an impossibility - after all she was considered a commoner.  Then he became desperately so unhappy (too) in his arranged marriage to the incompatible Princes Diana, Charles and Camilla resumed an affair that had been on pause for some time.
When Camilla married Prince Charles in 2005, 11 years ago this month, it was a well earned marriage.  Her down to earth personality, affectionate nature, solid family upbringing, and good motherhood, cannot be doubted.  But the tabloids, and many authors, had their way with her for years, even inventing stories that she'd been pelted with bread rolls outside a grocer by Haters who preferred Princess Diana.
Charles, who will be King, no doubt so long as he outlives his mother the Queen and there is still such a thing as a Kingship, someday, was often introduced to women by those around him thought might be of interest as lovers and as potential brides. Camilla won out over all of them because she's a compatible lover, has an aggressive sporting style when riding to the hounds that he appreciates, is loyal, faithful, and reliable - and very very good for him.  Both of them would much rather be sporting in the country and dressed down, so maybe she isn't seen as "Queenly," but here is a man who works so much she considers him a "workaholic."  He has long been spot-on about nature and the environment at a time when the world, Britain in particular, has suffered changes in weather patterns, an organic farmer, a major landowner, and  behind significant impactful charities. He needed such a woman to be his companion.
And that story, often repeated, that she approached Charles and offered to be his Mistress, like her ancestor Alice Keppel once had been for King Edward VII was a lot of hooey.

Back in May 2010, I elected Camilla Parker-Bowles as Mistress of the Month.  Six years later, for the first time since I began this blog, I'm electing her MISTRESS OF THE MONTH again.  That's because the woman born simply as Camilla Shand** is the most famous Once-Upon-A-Time Mistress now.  I feel this intriguing woman, who has certainly taken a lot of criticism and had a very long wait between her divorce and remarriage, is due more coverage and an update.  Her enduring love affair with PRINCE CHARLES has resulted in enduring marriage, and some day she will be Princess Consort, if not Queen.

And Charles, in my very American opinion, is overdue to be King.  None of us wants to wake up to a morning radio program that announces that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, and the Queen has wisely been, as she slows down into her old age, incorporating Charles, and he, his sons Princes William and "Harry," into the charity work and the business of being Royal for some time.  But Queen Elizabeth II, a tremendously dynamic historical figure, and one of the world's wealthiest, should take a hint from Pope Benedict, realize there is no shame in admitting that it's all getting to be too much, and allow Charles his long awaited Kingship, while he is as vital as he is.

Author Catherine Mayer also has a book called
Charles - Heart of a King
which has come out in Great Britain

 This book is a primary reference for this month's posts

Shall we get on with it?  Read this months posts for more information about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, from this book and an older one:

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**Camilla Shand had not been given a middle name at birth.  She added Rosemary, which was her great- grand mother Alice Keppel's, a mistress of King Edward VII,  as a middle name, later in her life.)

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