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Hi Missy!

You post on books about style and fashion and cosmetics and made some commentary on cosmetic surgery as well.  So I'm wondering if you could reveal more about your own personal tastes.  What's on your vanity table?  What should I go out and buy?



For you or your boyfriend?

OK, Roger, I'll have some fun with your question.

I don't have a vanity table that I sit down at with a big mirror lined with light bulbs!  I try to apply my cosmetics with natural light streaming through the window. I know what you mean though.  Some magazines feature the products that a particular celebrity uses, so I'll pretend I'm one.

Most of the winter I wear the perfume Opium by YSL - YSL OPIUM which I love because of the warm spicy scent.  But for spring and summer, I prefer Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf - VIKTOR_ROLF FLOWER BOMB.  Once in a while I get in the mood to wear a perfume called Giorgio of Beverly Hills (not to be confused with Armani) - GIORGIO BEVERLY HILLS).  I think the scent  is just glorious, but it's a bit heavy for popular taste now.  Think high summer, white clothes.  Also I have a neroli oil spritz and a sandalwood oil spritz.  Overall, I don't like to announce my presence with too powerful a perfume. It can be rude when people are allergic or forced to smell a chaos of scents from too many people in a room or just one person with it piled on.

Men sometimes wear too much scent too, with their armpits screaming eucalyptus, their cheeks and neck something else...  I think a man should smell - clean - with just a little on his neck to inhale when you kiss him.  Frank Sinatra liked Ivory Soap. 

So, there are two philosophies about  buying scent:

1) You go out and buy what you like the smell of and wear it because after all, you have to smell it too.

2) You wear the scent that your lover bought for you because he or she likes the smell of  you wearing it.

A compromise?  Wear what he bought you on dates.

As you can tell from reading my posts, I advocate as natural look as possible for daytime, using cosmetics to enhance.  I haven't had cosmetic surgery but I read about it and look at the before and after pictures.  I always wonder how fabulously wealthy celebrities, or at least well connected ones who have so many friends who've had surgery, manage to get botched up jobs!  Can't they get good referrals and afford the best?

I've been giving myself clay based facials for years and think they do wonders for your skin, not just because they help you deep clean and buff the skin when you wash them off with a soft cloth, but because of what they do for your facial skin circulation.  I buy clay based facials from the Freeman line - none of them expensive.    Here is a link to FREEMAN FACIAL PRODUCTS ; I use several products on this page.

I see no reason why men shouldn't use clay facials.

After your skin has had nothing but air on it for a few hours after the "mud pack," particularly before you go to bed, you'll probably want to use a light moisturizing cream on it.

I'm a total fan of OPI AVOJUICE  I even use it on my face.  Their entire line of nail polishes and other products are aimed at hands and feet and manicures so I'D LOVE FOR THEM TO MAKE AVOJUICE UNSCENTED.  (Hey OPI, can you send me some free samples?)  I use natural polish on short nails.  I don't like talons or art galleries on my nails.

I use GARNIER BB CREAM.  Ditto.  (But men, be careful as it will rub off on your collar and inside your hat band!)

So many products have some sun screen in them, but I don't wear sun screen on a daily basis or try to get a tan.  I just get tan living life.  I only wear sun screen if I'm going to be outdoors in a pool.

My favorite lipsticks are from REVLON.  They have an amazing inventory of colors to choose from.  I choose colors that are close to my natural lip color, or just a bit darker.  I don't like the Vampire look.  Recently though I tried an inexpensive lip crayon from Wet and Wild, and for less than $3 it really did seem to last four hours.   - Missy

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