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The real Story by Mark Eliot - From the Actual Tapes
Harper was the publisher
Kato Kaelin gave Mark Elliot a lot of interviews, but in the end Mark wrote this book on his own.   My read of this book? ; I came to understand Kato's confusion, fears, and hesitations about the famous murder that he got caught up in, and whether or not what little he had to say was important or not.  I believe he was so emotionally frazzled and afraid for his life at the time that he had a difficult time taking the stand. Today he says he believes O.J. did kill Nicole.
Today Kato is called an American radio and television personality who gained fame as a witness at the murder trial of O. J. Simpson, but he was called to testify because he was a house guest on O.J. Simpson's property when the murders occurred.  He heard what he thought were mysterious knocks on his wall about the time, possibly, that O.J. or someone was outside or around the property.  These knocks were loud enough to scare him and might have been an important element of the time line.  Kato had been a kind of house mate and babysitter to Nicole and the children and her confidant - at her place - before he moved in with O.J.  He liked them both.  He was friends with both, but at the same time he never took for granted his position, and being considered a guest meant he was portrayed as a squatter in some media.
I was going through some old boxes of books when I found my copy of this book and reread it. This book may have impressed me more rereading it  and this latest reading is was what triggered my research into the MISTRESSES around the O.J. Simpson trial, especially because NICOLE BROWN was O.J.'s Mistress before she was his wife.  (O.J. was married to his first wife when he met the 17?* year old Nicole and he was her one and only for years.)  But believe it or not, it was KATO KAELIN who I personally found to be the most interesting character in the trial back in the day. 
Public opinion was against this quirky character.  I remember my neighbors and friends making some judgments - about his hair - his facial ticks.  One woman said that his facial ticks were from drug use. Some of it was snobby talk, unfair to Kato and everyone like him.  Being poor, being a houseguest, not having a great career, so what?  Poor people can still tell the truth.
Let me explain. Kaelin was one more person who came to Los Angeles to pursue acting.  Of the thousands of hopefuls who do that every year, very few every get to be professional actors who can make a living at it, because movie extra work (the bottom, agentless group) is like the bottom of the pyramid, and then a rare someone like Tom Cruise is at the very top. There are a number of actors, usually called character actors, who have been in dozens of films that you kind of recognize but don't who make a good living at it, and then those few who you recognize but forget to as you watch them embody the character, the ones that get the awards.  So Kaelin was not a looser, as portrayed in the media, but someone who had at least made the big move to be where the action was.  If he wasn't just a step higher than an extra, he was trying.  Of course, because of the trial, he did manage to become a public personality, a curiosity, and he did make some money from his fame, BUT HE NEVER SOLD STORIES FOR MONEY TO MAGAZINES OR REPORTERS, and it was only this book author he was talking to. 
That he was sort of adopted by Nicole Brown Simpson and the kids loved him and then later O.J., that he was on the sidelines of their crowd  as a house mate, guest, babysitter, all around good guy, is also REMARKABLE.  Of those thousands of hopefuls who come to Hollywood in hopes of making it big in acting most will spend most of their time working in restaurants.  Restaurant work is often the best an actor can get.  With tips it may pay a livable wage but best of all, you and your co-workers can usually switch around your schedules in order to go for auditions and other acting related events and appointments. So Kato managed to get himself into a flexible situation to be open for whatever might come, another important step.
THE FACT IS, KATO became friends with all these people who had more wealth and success than him,  maybe not close person friends all the time, but they mostly liked him because he was NATURALLY FUNNY, GOOD TO HAVE AROUND, a CHEERY PERSON whose sometimes unusual world view was interesting.  He enjoyed a good laugh at his  own expense and could be humble, even self depreciating.  He could turn a tense situation around with a remark.

He is now a millionaire due to his clothing line called SLACKER....  Enjoy his sense of humor here!

P.S.  Kato was raised Catholic and devout enough to wait until he was 23 and married before he lost his virginity.  This fact may reveal a lot about his personal values.  He's known to have had many women as friends through the years, platonic friends, and he tried to avoid getting too involved in the O.J. and Nicole relationship, focusing on the positive.

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*On the net the age at which Nicole and O.J. met spans from 17 to 19.

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