Thursday, October 15, 2015


"I realize my hopes but also my fears and I ask myself, how are these related?"

I noticed that when I talk hope I also talk fear.  This and that I'm worried about, I'll tell a friend, and then I'll say, "I hope that..."  So I think the two emotions are related to each other.

Some people think that we should banish any "negative" emotion or thought or talk, as if acknowledging such things will certainly lead to the manifestation.  I do not agree.  That notion, to me is pure superstition.

In life bad things sometimes happen to good people.  There is sometimes no sense to be made of things.  The scientist are still trying to turn love, for which there is often no explanation, into science.  I've been warned, "Be careful what you wish for," and felt that person cursing me for knowing what I like, what I want to do, who I love.  There have been things that I worried about that never happened and things I never considered could or would happen to someone like me that did.

The fact is most of us are NOT so powerful that our lives are about manifesting our wills, but we are influenced from the outside too.  By the world, by others.

I think it's balanced to be realistic and to take, if not all things, your own feelings and thoughts about yourself, your life, into consideration.  So fear helps us define what it is we want.  We should acknowledge it.

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