Saturday, June 27, 2015


"I clean up my language. I don't use curse words or swear words in my daily language.  I learn new words and add them to my conversations and writing!"

I'm not going to say I never ever use curse words or swear words.  Recently I had a problem with workmen leaving a lot of clutter and dirt behind them. I was tripping over and breaking things trying to get around their stuff for days on end and I said one bad word in particular dozens of times till it was all taken away and cleaned up. It helped me blow off some of my anger at being so inconvenienced.  But I don't think anyone heard me!

With this Declaration, I'm focusing on those of you who constantly overuse swear words in your daily language and have gotten into a bad habit with that.  It cheapens you, it really does.  It makes you sound ignorant and like you want to be.  Women who swear most every sentence do not always realize the bad impression they give but sometimes they are erroneously thought of as street people, drug addicts, or criminals.

On my smart phone there;s a Word of the Day app which brings up a new word, defined and used in a sentence.  Why not add a few new words to your vocabulary and be perceived as intelligent, educated, and classy?"

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