Sunday, May 17, 2015


EXCERPTS From the book "MARITA"


page 114)

"I would be Marcos' official mistress, a not unpleasant thought.  I enjoyed his company.  He planned to spend most of his time with me, though it was obvious that he would not divorce his wife.  He had considered brining me into his home on Pine Tree Drive since his wife lived in Lima, Peru, most of the time, bust she visited hum often enough that he could not risk my being there.  Instead he would use my place and our relationship to relax in a way he had not been able to previously.  He also planned to change his life, enter, at least for the immediate future, into a relationship that as committed....

The relationship with his wife (and children) was similarly distant.  Sex with his wife was a duty in Latin America, a mistress is for physical pleasure, but enjoys the privileges of a wife.  Both are compatible so long as neither objects to the arrangement each knows to exist.

page 115)  For both religious and financial reasons Marcos would not divorce his wife.  In their world, it was natural for them to stay together.  She had wealth, servants, every luxury she might desire.  He did not flaunt his mistresses or embarrass her with his intimate activities.

page 116)  I was delighted with the house.  I agreed to the arrangement and Marcos arranged a celebration of our new status in our new home.  I thought it was a house warming.  He and his friends considered it a formal announcement of my becoming the General's mistress.  The only difference between the event and a wedding reception was that there would be no wedding ceremony preceding it.

It was a odd evening.  The happy couple was feted and toasted by almost fifty (50) men on Marcos birthday.  (He gave her a special ring to seal the deal.)  He slipped the ring from his finger and placed it on my own, a sign to all his followers that I was to be treated with greater respect than his wife.  It was also a final, visible sign that I was his possession.

page 124)  (December 1962 - Marcos was to be deported to Venezuela via Robert Kennedy, U.S. Attorney General based formally on the theft of $13 million he tried to smuggle out of that country on his last trip.  He waited in jail and lost 40 pounds.  He paid the guards $200 a day to use the phone to call her.

page 125)  (December 1963 Marcos had to leave and she arrived at the airport only to see an emaciated man being led up a ramp to the plane in handcuffs.  She ran down the runway with their daughter, Monica, in her arms crying but was led away in handcuffs...)

And a week after Marco's extradition, the rug was pulled out from under me.  I lost everything - my home, car, Monica's trust, everything.... I was broke.  I was homeless.

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