Tuesday, April 14, 2015


"I bring a sense of adventure into any relationship, be it in exotic travels or staying in."

Having a sense of adventure means appreciating the here and now, looking for what is different or new to discover when out and about - or stuck inside.

It's easy to have a sense of adventure when you're climbing a mountain or off to an exotic location, but the challenge is to not get too set in your ways in the mundane.  A sense of adventure is what lets you try on impractical shoes or wear a dress that isn't stereotypical of your style to a party.  You try a new spice when you cook chicken, or change the paint color of your walls to a less conventional color and transform your environment.  Let's see how it looks, feels, what happens next...

In a relationship we can notice and respond to and plan for the new and different as well.  It's as good as time as any to wear a new nightgown, try a new restaurant, attend an cultural event in a part of town you've never been to, go to couple massage classes, or give acupuncture a chance to heal you.

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