Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The Honest Courtesan
Veronica Franco - Citizen and Writer in Sixteenth Century Venice
By Margaret E. Rosenthal
University of Chicago Press C 1992

Unlike some of the other books I've featured on this blog, written by the Courtesan or Mistress herself, The Honest Courtesan is a highly literary, almost academic book and it's not just about Veronica Franco, but takes a look at women in 16th century Venice, Italy, the world she lived in, when Cortesans were both accepted and denounced and subject to legislation

Veronica Franco is worthy of literary discussion because she herself wrote literary works and poetry, all published in the period of 1575-1580, when she would have been in her thirties.  Elevating herself by a reputation for intelligence, talent, and honesty, she competed with mostly male writers and poets, wanting work for her mind while surviving through work by her body.

This book is not for the light reader but someone who wants deep knowledge about the woman and what made her outstanding, so that 400 years later we are still interested.

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