Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hello Loyal Readers and Happy New Year!

As I look forward to this next year, with the plan to just keep on going with MISTRESSMANIFESTO.BLOGSPOT.COM until ?, I want to tell you that this year I'm going to do a little more with books than I have been. 

As you may be able to tell, because I've featured books almost every month that have focused on or included the MISTRESS OF THE MONTH (or the subject matter of the month), I'm someone who loves to read.  I hope I'm encouraging you to read the same books or other books. I'm always up to your suggestions on books (or topics) which you can leave via the Comments function of this Google Blogger.  I always hope that when I feature a book, the authors love that I have. (It's not an easy thing, researching, interviewing, and writing a book and then finding agents and publishers, marketing, traveling, doing readings!)

This year I'm going to feature some books that I've read and found value in because I think the topics will be of interest to my Mistress-Curious readers. 

We'll work a little on our outer presentation and our inner lives.

I like the idea that if you return to this blog once a month to read it, you will sometimes be surprised. 

I'm not sure why, when mistresses are the hot subject of so many novels (particularly romance novels), so many movies and television shows, that some people are just astonished that there are some Other Women who are not just office flings, sexting hook ups, but in real and lasting Relationships with men who are married - or not. 

As we continue to look at all the various ways that women have been mistresses, we continue to define and redefine mistressing and ask ourselves questions like "What if it isn't adultery?  What if his wife accepts or even welcomes the idea?  What if the person who is being Kept is homosexual with another homosexual?  What if the Mistress never takes a dime but he does everything he can to promote her career?  Or his Wife is Kept, she never has worked to support herself, and because she's in a legal relationship that tradition commends, she's not under attack, so why am I for getting a little help when I work so hard for to support myself?

I like to be inclusive of people from all walks of life, religious backgrounds, and sexualities, but I know that there is simply much more information already out there on heterosexual women who are Kept by heterosexual men.  In part this is because, to this day men generally make much more money that they can spend to Keep someone than women do.

As some women become very wealthy on their own, I believe we find more men being kept, though it may not be called out that way and maybe not because a man never seems to get into the same trouble a woman does when he does the very same thing.  For instance, do you really think some of the successful older women in rock music and acting, who are called Cougars, and are "dating" much younger men, are not providing them cars, acting lessons, and capital for business startups?  (Think of vastly wealthy women such as Barbara Hutton and Doris Duke who sometimes married the men they Kept and sometimes didn't! Or maybe you, like me, often wonder, who is Madonna "dating" now?)   You know it's happening and you rarely hear the term "Gold Digger" used on those men!  Not only that, but the men have such confidence that they deserve to be helped!  So is there an issue about women being unable to ask for the help they need due to lack of confidence? 

I, like you, have so many questions!

Happy New Year - 2015


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