Tuesday, December 9, 2014


What to give him as a present?

Someone who may seem to have "everything?"  

(Or who makes or has a whole lot more money than you!)

Someone who may not be able to take whatever it is home with him?

Someone who doesn't want to explain to anyone about where he got it?

I may not have the perfect answer but I do have an opinion!

Let's all face the fact that shopping for presents for men can be difficult and even boring because men just do not have or need as much stuff as women do and can be terribly practical themselves.  We all know of men who have worn the same shoes or haircut for years and who will tell you that they do not NEED anything. 

So first of all, just try to make three lists. 
The things he hates. 
The things he already has. 
The things he likes.


Never ever wrap yourself up (in cellophane, a bow, or the latest from a lounge wear shop) and present yourself for sex as a present!  Sex is something you do or don't have but you are never a present!  You are not a PRODUCT.  You're a person.

As a matter of fact YOU CAN'T BE BOUGHT!

(This is why, though it happens, that someone who has seriously been a prostitute rather than a courtesan, has the all wrong mentality to be a good mistress!)

Secondly, a present is usually NO FUN if you ask someone to just tell you what they want and then go buy it. There should be some mystery and surprise and some humor.

However, you can ask around the subject in a general way  ("Honey, what do you think of this taxidermy?).  Ask his friends for some clues and become very observant of what he likes when you go out shopping together. (He has a thing for purple?  Maybe he'd wear some purple suspenders!) One friend of mine found herself in a big New York store with her man and a couple hundred dollars in her pocket and was thinking of buying him whatever music CD's he wanted when he took off to let her find him trying on colognes like he was leading her right to what he wanted.  The cologne he liked was inexpensive but he was happy with it as a gift.

Don't break your budget or use a lot of the money he gifted you to gift him.  Really if he has such advantage financially that he wants to make your life easier and better, then accept that, live that, appreciate that, and don't essentially let himself buy himself a gift by trying to impress him with what you can do without.

This is why the "home-made" gift is sometimes the best.  Sometimes cooking his favorite meal, decorating your home, setting a beautiful table, putting on your perfume and an apron and just cooking what he loves is a great gift. 

I also know someone who wrote a heartfelt and beautiful poem which she read aloud to her man, and she says that she thinks it made a big positive difference in their relationship.  This poem you write should be funny if possible, never too serious, focusing on good times you had together, things that made you laugh.  It should never say that you will love him till the day you die, even if you will.  Tell him that after you get married if you ever do.

A present should probably not be something that he already has lots of and can buy himself any old day like ties, socks, and shirts for work.  Too predictable, boring, too much like someone else will buy him. However, sports and work out related stuff that he can keep at the gym locker might work as may caps, shirts, and other favorite team related items.

Something such as an accessory for the car he just bought, might work also.  Wouldn't it be fun if you bought him a HOOD ORNAMENT!  He could look at it whenever he drives.

Avoid gift certificates.  Avoid anything that may need to be returned with the receipt.  And, if you are a Mistress, do not call him "just this once" to wish him happy holidays, even if he tells you to.  Let him call you!  - Missy

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