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by Felicity Huffman and Patricia Wolff C 2007
Publisher Hyperion

"A practical guide for every guy WHO WANTS TO BE ONE, for every girl who wants to BUILD ONE!" (Woo! this sounds promising!)

This book is straightforward, hilarious, and I love the living color "dime store novel" or "potboiler" art illustrations throughout!

Is the advice wise? Well, let's just say that a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down!

And even if you HATE the message at times, you are too busy laughing at Felicity Huffman's and Patricia Wolff's way of sockin it to ya, to really complain.

How far do they go? How about telling you ladies to trim those pubies!?

Chapter 5 stands out! It is One Page, One Word. The title is WHEN DO YOU BECOME A BOYFRIEND AND WHO DECIDES ?

The chapter reads "SHE DOES!"
Woo! Woo! Woooooo ooo o!

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EXCERPT: It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” She also says: “I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again: I. Myself. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.”

After 10 years of virtual silence (“So silent, in fact,” she writes, “that the buzz in some circles has been that the Clintons must have paid me off; why else would I have refrained from speaking out? I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth”), Lewinsky, 40, says it is time to stop “tiptoeing around my past—and other people’s futures. I am determined to have a different ending to my story. I’ve decided, finally, to stick my head above the parapet so that I can take back my narrative and give a purpose to my past. (What this will cost me, I will soon find out.)”


MIssy here! 

In March of 2012 I elected Monica as subject of the month, if not Mistress of the Month, saying everyone needed TO GET OFF HER BACK.  (You may want to bring up all those posts by either going to the archive or using the search feature of this Google Blogger.) 

After all, President William Jefferson Clinton, a known womanizer with a very tolerant wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was and is still respected. He had the nerve to call a woman he was having sex play with at the White House "that woman" and denied he had sex because he went Old School and decided that sex is only intercourse.

Hillary played Black Madonna and refused to speak to him for some weeks as punishment, while Monica, who was much young, infatuated, sexy, and impressed with the power of the Presidency, has lived a life of suffering for her mistake. 

Like some other women, such as Marilyn Monroe, who are called Mistresses in the Press, Monica was never actually a Mistress to the President or any other man that I know of, but I feel sure that back in the day if she couldn't marry Clinton she would have been happy to be his mistress.  In fact at this point I wish Monica had become some wonderful man's mistress because that would be better for her than what she has experienced which is to be a social outcaste.

In the current Vanity Fair article she confesses to being not suicidal but near suicidal at times over the last years since the scandal that will always have her name attached.  She also is open minded about having a life with another woman if not another man since men have also been a problem.  Intelligent and educated, having gone to London to achieve a Master's degree, she has yet to find a good employer.

One of the lessons of Monica Lewinsky is about trusting another woman/person with your private life secrets, someone who you don't know that well and shouldn't be e-mailing your private information with like someone in the same company or same business, in this case politics. 

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"I will not allow myself to look SHABBY!  I care for my appearance and presentation."

If I'm going to dye my hair then I will never have roots showing.  If I'm going to polish my nails, then it must be perfect or removed.  Ripped jeans? - Do I really want to look like an old Rock Star or a teenager trying too hard to attract men?  What do my purse and shoes look like?"

Wondering why I put all these fashion foibles in one Declaration?  I've been looking at how beautifully groomed Hollywood starlets used to be in the 1950's and early 1960's - the Mods.  I've been noticing how really shabby some people are allowing themselves to be with roots showing, chipped nail polish, saggy-assed ripped up jeans, run down shoes, messed up purses, wrinkled clothes that looked like someone slept in them for a week.  We used to iron for hours!

Very few (and only) young women - like before college graduation - look good in the artfully ripped  jeans - it's dated!  I've seen women trying to be provocative by wearing red or black tights under them or ripping their short shorts to show tattoos.

It's just tacky!

Purses? Clean out that purse at least once a week so you can find things in it. Throw away old tissues and paper. Take run down shoes and purses in for repair or replace them.  You're better off carrying a new neat paper bag than a shabby purse!

I'm saying, you can sweat, and you can be active, and you don't have to afford a designer wardrobe,  but make sure you aren't making excuses for being lazy about your appearance and presentation.

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According to the latest research, one in 12 married women have done a 'Bridget Jones' and dated a man more than 15 years younger than themselves... Men who like older women typically date women who are between three and five years older, according to the figures.

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The following excerpts are from the book
by PETER HARRY BROWN and PAT H.BROESKE and are copyright 1996 by the authors.

Howard Hughes told Faith Domergue that she was the child he should have had but also that he wanted to marry her.  The huge emerald ring he gave her as an engagement ring was spotted on the Warner Brother's studio lot and by day's end Louella Parson's had printed it in her column. Hughes declined requests for interviews.  He also went through a lot of maneuvers to purchase her 7 year contract from Jack Warner who charged him $50,000.  Hughes himself also acquired her representation from Henry Willson, then at the Zeppo Marx agency.

"Suddenly my professional and emotional future were completely in his hands," Domergue recalled.  Sometimes I wasn't afraid.  I had complete confidence that my blue prince had arrived."

pages 151 - 152 -159

But then...

page 158

But then 21 year old Ava Gardner "blew into Howard's arms in January 1943."   She "kept his life in turmoil for more than a decade."  He told Ava he wanted to marry her and gave her four proposals, each with lavish gifts - diamonds, rubies, opals, Cartier, even a shoe box with $250,000 cash, and flew a plane to get her wish - orange ice cream.

page 160 - 163

"All that he had cruelly denied FAITH DOMERGUE, he showered on Gardner."  Weekends in Palm Springs Racket Club, formal dinners at Darryl Zanucks and Samuel Goldwyns (two Hollywood movie company heads), shopping in Mexico City and Manhattan.  He set Ava up in a lavish apartment just off Sunset where she lived with her sister. Then Howard put Ava under surveillance and discovered her ex husband Mickey Rooney was still sleeping with her.  When Ava confronted him and they had a fight that turned physically abusive, Howard disappeared on Faith and then he lied and claimed he'd been in a car accident.  He was addicted to psychodrama and danger.  Finally Faith overheard him making love with another woman and using the "Little Baby" endearment on this someone else!  She was 17 and had five more years on her contract with Hughes and no film rolls.

She caught sight of Howard driving Ava Gardner in a Cadillac.  Driving her red roadster, Faith gave chase.  When Hughes stopped the Cadillac, faith bumped into it with her car.

page 164

"Faith deliberately backed up her roadster and floored the gas pedal, crashing repeatedly into the passenger's door.  Gardner screamed.  Poor Ava bounced up and down in her seat."  The front of the roadster crumbled and steamed."  Howard took Faith by the hand and took her home where he made more promises, apologies, swore he'd give her father a business and make her a star.  Someone else drove Ava home."  By this time Faith noticed Howard's germ phobias and rituals and that he periodically went into a fog.

page 180

October 1944, still with Faith, he made a demonstration of burning some of his past away by tossing letters from his parents , especially his mother, into the roaring fireplace as well as the legal documents of his fight for his father's company.

page 209

In 1946 Faith finally got the courage to leave Howard and then married another playboy, Teddy Stauffer.  She later starred in Hughes produced film "Vendetta."  Ava married Artie Shaw.

page 210

Hughes continued to romance stars like Lana Turner, Yvonne DeCarlo, and Linda Darnell, and eventually Jean Peters, who eventually became Mrs. Howard Hughes Jr., his second wife.  Peters would stick by him for years even though he was rarely with her.

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"She was the most beautiful of a pack of Warner Brothers starlets invited to decorate an industry cruise on the "Southern Cross."  Hughes singled her out, instantly curious about this graceful teenager with raven hair, hypnotic dark eyes, and a shyness that matched Hughes own... As the party broke up, Hughes insisted upon driving her home in a battered Buick, in which Faith immediately fell asleep."

page 150 of

After permission from her parents...

"... He then swept her off to a sprawling ranch in the desert, initiating a dazzling courtship and mutual obsession that would stretch five turbulent years in which Hughes would exert iron-fisted control of both Faith Domergue's personal and professional existence... Their first days together were giddy with romance.  They flew to the Salton Sea, where they floated in the primeval brine and feasted on cold chicken and champagne.  They cruised the commercial "millionaires row" in Palm Springs, where she left the boutiques with towering boxes of clothes. ... "By the end of October, all strain of shyness were gone and we were falling in love, "Domergue later recalled.  "It seemed as if danger or unhappiness couldn't get close to me when I was with this man."

Then, because she wanted to know everything there was to know about Howard, Faith, bored with homework and magazines, discovered a treasure chest of Howard's mementos from past (and present?) romances.  These were postcards, cancelled checks, jewelry, letters involving Billie Dove, Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, and many others.

She put everything away just so but "Howard cornered her in the upstairs bedroom and accused her of investigating him "like a Pinkerton detective."  Then he claimed he would show her anything if she just asked first.

By now the columnist Louella Parsons knew about their romance and put out an article asking if they had a "secret marriage." 

In 1941 Hughes was "still operating under a set of mutually agreeable ground rules" with her parents.  But he had also started employing her relatives.

"Every morning, a Hughes limousine collected Domergue and delivered her to a series of teachers and tutors at Romaine Street (a property he rented that mostly served as one of his head quarters).  She would finish high school and begin drama lessons in a sterile, lonely building in the city's industrial neighborhood.  She was furnished with a chauffeur, provided with golf lessons at the Wilshire Country Club, and sent to fashion consultants at Bullocks and Robinsons's department stores, where she was outfitted with a chic, understated wardrobe.

page 151-152

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Missy, I'm a successful businessman with very little spare time. I travel a lot for business. I'm in my late thirties, fairly good looking, not in bad shape but no athlete.  I dated a lot in college but once I started the business I couldn't keep a relationship.  The usual complaint is that I'm not spending enough time or not giving enough of myself. 

Well, I admit I'm probably married to my work. 

I have a few thousand a month I could use to keep a woman.  How do I meet a woman to be my mistress?  I have to be attracted to her, she should be smart, mostly she can't mind that I'm gone so much.

Lenny - Chicago


Lenny, very few women like to be alone a lot and in a relationship, but if there's any kind of woman who can stand it, she's a very independent woman who has a life that doesn't include you so much, someone who has friends and activities, work or a career of her own.  In other words she is not going to sit home alone and be on call for you or make you a priority unless you make her yours!

I wonder.  If you met such a woman and things were good in your relationship would you want to marry her? 

Are you only thinking about having a mistress because you are sure you do not want to marry for reasons besides all this business busyness?

How to meet a mistress? 

There are various opportunities on the Internet - dating clubs and such - which I don't believe in because I believe in meeting people in the course of life!  I believe love at first sight can happen too!  It concerns me that many of these hook-up sites are simply prostitution.

If you cannot make at least one night a week to do the usual - going out to meet people - then you cannot make at least one night a week to spend with your mistress when you're in the same town!   If you can't see someone once a week, it's probably not a go. So one night a week go out. 

Go here, there, and everywhere, activities you enjoy, and don't be shy about saying hello and introducing yourself to women you see out who is also out alone.  You may hand a woman your social card, which is like a business card, but which has your full real name, and your home phone number on it,  but at the same time you MUST ask her for hers! Don't tell her to call you if she's interested.  Women are still feeling a man ought to make a first move - lead the relationship. YOU SHOULD CALL HER and ask her to meet you for lunch on a weekend (or day when neither of you have to make that lunch a rush before getting back to work). 

At lunch start to get to know her as a person through conversation.  DO NOT MAKE LUNCH INTO AN INTERVIEW!  Do not hit her with a dozen personal questions or ask her if she wants to be your mistress even if she's the most beautiful woman you've seen in years!    ALSO LISTEN.  Many men make the mistake of talking about themselves - bragging - for an hour without showing any interest in the person whose been listening.

Remember that you're looking for a RELATIONSHIP with a PERSON, not a hook-up!  Whatever that relationship will be, don't just jump in. If you do not feel more interested in her at lunch, well, she may be someone you would like to invite to a party so that your friends can meet her.  Don't make wild promises or tell her you are not interested.  Think about it and ask her out to lunch another time if you want to advance the relationship a bit.

It's funny how things can change when you do!


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GLAMOUR GIRLS OF THE SILVER SCREEN  link to the blow by blow account of her acting career and liaison with Howard Hughes! 

This is a really well done and interesting web site where you can find other glamour girls as well!  Let's face it - these women had the best people - costumers - beauticians - speech coaches - working with and for them to make the best of their presentation. 

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"I felt like a butterfly on a pin - beautiful, vibrant, and utterly trapped." - Faith Domergue

quote from page 163 of

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EXCERPT:  Lauren's sugar daddy gives her between $500 and $2,500 every time he sees her. She says they meet an average of three times a week, meaning he gives her at least $1,500 a week, but she says sometimes her weekly cash haul from her sugar daddy is more than $4,500. Lauren says she saves the cash to pay for her UMSL tuition.

Missy here!

There's a video and good article at this link including some stats about college women in the Saint Louis Missouri area who are signed up at Sugar Daddy sites. A point made by one of them is that she is going to get out of college without student loan debt.  To me this is about matchmaking with the understanding that one party has money to give and wants to.

Of course there's a psychologist warning that these women don't know what they are getting into, but if women who are smart enough to get into college and succeed in their classes don't know...  Well, that would be like a man who orders a bride from another country not knowing what he's getting into...  There should be precaution.  There should be getting to know one another first before making any sort of commitment.  In any relationship we try to create that is the case.   We never know how it's going to go.  We can have a traditional relationship and it can still end in heartbreak.

There is a concern that these web sites are actually about prostitution but I don't think that because there is more to these relationships than sex and the women seem to be sticking with one sugar daddy at a time, dating him.   To contrast that with prostitution, they are not being pimped, they can end the relationship if they want to, just as the sugar daddy can.  A prostitute doesn't have relationships, meets for the duration of sex, has multiple partners, often on a daily basis and not of her choosing.  At least one of the sites does background checks and none of them see their businesses as prostitution. I also don't think that any of these sites is taking a percentage of any money given or taken by the couple.

I put myself through college and sometimes  when I had to buy books and supplies I didn't even have enough to eat. There were many situations I experienced where students who had more money had more access to opportunities that were important to a career after graduation.

I also want to say that no one seems to think badly of a woman if she manages to be a stay at home wife, totally supported by her husband, without her having children, without her having an education or a career of her own.  It's uncommon now to find a woman, even with small children, who isn't working at least part time.  If a woman goes from being Kept to being a Wife, with the same well-to-do man, it's like she's absolved of all the sin it was assumed she was doing..

I have to say that I don't know of anyone who uses these sites on either end or anyone in a Sugar Daddy - Mistress dating situation that met on line.

(See my next post on the subject where again I express my concerns about prostitution.)

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 Image from Google Images
An outstanding Beauty!  Very1950's...
Are you wondering why of all the women Howard Hughes slept with, dated, promised marriage to, married in fake wedding ceremonies, and actually married (two), it's FAITH DOMERGUE who is sort of singled out as his mistress?

I was wondering too!  Let me just say that I may not know the answer to this Big Question, even after reading around the subject, but I knew the day would come that I would have to write about Howard Robard Hughes Jr. and his mistresses, so why not pick Faith? 

Noah Dietrich, the man Hughes put in control of the Hughes Tool Company, called Faith, "The single stabilizing force in Hughes life though she's underage and largely in hiding."  Dietrich also said "Faith was Howard's most enduring obsession... He would have done almost anything to keep her with him."

(But that didn't include not cheating on her!)

She was discovered by Hughes at age 15 and with him till she was about 20, during the time when he was also courting three other beautiful actresses - including Ava Gardner - who had more going in their careers.

Maybe Faith is mentioned as the mistress because she was the one he hid most?

Promising to take her out to a dinner club for New Years Eve, she got all ready to be introduced to his famous friends, and then he took her to a hide-away Italian restaurant instead!

But before I get ahead of myself...

According to the book below, after an early arranged marriage to a Houston socialite, Hughes became, by the 1940's, one of the sexiest men in Hollywood.  Obsessed with aviation, invention, bountiful babes, and the movies, he put Noah Dietrich in charge of the oil well bits business his inventor father had founded, the source of a great fortune, so he could focus elsewhere.  He neglected his wife, who was miserable, and chased women until he fell in love with Billie Dove, an actress who he'd arranged an introduction to through Marion Davies.  A serious romance, his wife finally gave up on their marriage.  Billie decided not to leave her husband to marry Hughes.  At the time William Randolph Hearst Jr. was his mate on conquests of women.  Hughes soon dated party girls, chlorines, debutants, actresses,  and starlets in Bar harbor, Ft. Lauderdale,  Palm Beach, Santa Barbara, Manhattan...  By 1938 he was having affairs with Barbara Hutton, the Woolworth's heiress, as well as actress Katherine Hepburn.  In 1941 Kate gave up on him, he went into a depression where he closeted himself in the dark, and then on Memorial Day of that year, FAITH DOMERGUE walked into his life.

I'd seen the bio-pic film called "The Aviator," staring Leonardo Di Caprio, which made much of Howard's relationship with Katherine Hepburn.  I'd read around Hepburn and the relationship she is most famous for, her relationship with the very married actor Spencer Tracy.  (I don't think I've ever heard Kate Hepburn called Tracy's mistress! Why not?).

One book I read more than suggested that the Hepburn-Tracy relationship was a fake romance made in Hollywood to cover that they were both gay.  So I didn't know if I should take the Hepburn - Hughes relationship so seriously.  There were rumors that Hughes had his boyfriends.

Hughes may have speculated sexually at some point in his life, but he strikes me as totally heterosexual as well as totally messed up when it comes to women.  It seems he had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and that what he did was COLLECT women.  And they let him!  (An elderly friend of mine who was in Hollywood back then says Hughes was keeping dozens of women at any one time.)

There is also speculation that Hughes was increasingly eccentric - crazy in his life, not just due to multiple head injuries he suffered as a test pilot, but because of VD that couldn't be treated and advanced.

Since there are lots are lots of books out about Howard HughesI decided to read an older one that focused on his relationships with women.


The book is C 1996 by the authors and published
by Perseus Books Group

Maybe Faith is called Hughes his "Mistress" because, though she was not the only one, she was one of the youngest women he courted.  (Shades of pop singer Michael Jackson and his boys here?  Or how about Scott Thorson, who became a "boy toy" in his teens and who I elected Mantress of the Month in October 2012?) 

Howard Hughes spotted Faith when she was 15 and he was coming out of a depression over his break up with Katherine Hepburn.  Of course he sought permission from her parents - who gave it. He wooed her with their knowledge and permission and (does this sound familiar?) they certainly wanted him to be pleased with her, especially as he employed some relatives.  She was underage by today's standards and the age difference was big; he was about 36 - more than twice her age - when he chose her.  Like almost all his women, Faith had naturally large and beautiful bosoms, a Hughes fetish.

Was he raising her to be his perfect companion?

He paid for her to take classes to develop her talent.  He bought out her contracts and management to totally control her.  He promised her movie stardom.   He promised marriage and didn't follow through. 

Faith also fell for Howard, in the way that a more mature woman might not have.  She may or may not have known that he was used to having multiple relationships or that he had employees who wire tapped and spied on her and reported into him so she didn't dare stray from him. 

Howard Hughes was the King of the Double Standard.  "His" women were supposed to be faithful to him but he was never faithful to them, not even when he did marry them.  There was so much money to be spent and maybe he just never believed he would be loved for himself.  Maybe his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that ruled his life and made him collect women made it impossible for him to really get to them.  Maybe they were all - except Kate Hepburn? - LIVING DOLLS?

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She was called Faith Dawn and Faith Dorn in articles by studio promotions writers
but in the end she starred under her real name, FAITH DOMERGUE!  Howard Hughes called her "Little Baby."
She was and is frequently mentioned as Howard Hughes mistress
when he had so very many!