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Jim Morrison stayed at other motels and hotels in Los Angeles and in New York and wasn't on the road, even when he was paying Pam's rent on an apartment or house.  The Alta Cienega is one of them.  It wasn't far from the Door's office in what is now West Hollywood.

(This video includes a look at the graffiti and an attempt to contact Jim's spirit!)

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SINCE I WANT MY READERS TO FOCUS ON OTHER MAN SHARING MISTRESSES I'VE DECIDED TO TAKE THIS MONTH DOWN - AT LEAST FOR A WHILE! Thanks for reading! Missy Beginning in 1965, when she was a teenager without a strong sense of self who went to Doors concerts, Judy Huddleston had a four year relationship with Jim Morrison, while he also had Pamela and Patricia and who knows how many others. 

I read this book and found it to be reportage without introspection and not humorous but cold.  The reportage given that Morrison was an anal rapist in this book was extremely upsetting.

With forward by Pamela Des Barres, a famous groupie who has written a series of interesting books about her life and the experiences of other groupies, LOVE HIM MADLY is also about a subculture of musical Hollywood.  I never thought  of Judy as a "mistress" while I was reading it.  I think "groupie" may  be better for categorizing what Judy was to Jim at that long ago time in her youth.  (Today she is a successful professor who teaches writing.)  You may read this book and totally disagree with me!

Judy's web site with lots of links to interviews


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Pamela Courson believed that all the songs Jim wrote were about her. Patricia believed that Jim was using her abortion as inspiration for poetry she found in one of his notebooks and was outraged.

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SINCE I WANT MY READERS TO FOCUS ON OTHER MAN SHARING MISTRESSES I'VE DECIDED TO TAKE THIS MONTH DOWN - AT LEAST FOR A WHILE! Thanks for reading! Missy “Blake said that the body was the soul's prison unless the five senses are fully developed and open. He considered the senses the 'windows of the soul.' When sex involves all the senses intensely, it can be like a mystical experience.”  - Jim Morrison 

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Back in April of 2011 I elected JERRY HALL as ? Mistress? of the Month. Jerry is known as the woman who had FOUR children with Mick Jagger.  She wanted to marry him for years and he finally married her, but when they "divorced" the marriage was "annulled."  (I have to ask how so!)   Worth at least $300 million (the reports vary)  Jerry called him "very generous" over a settlement of about $7 million!  (Too bad they didn't have a legal marriage in California - a community property state!)

I also posted about L'WREN SCOTT, who was Mick Jagger's lady for about a decade at that point, and who became his long term "best friend and lover" as he calls her.   She died owing about $6 million and Mick is said to have financed her fashion business for years.

The news that L'Wren Scott commit suicide on this first day of spring, when I should be enjoying the  uplifting weather, has me thinking about her and feeling rather down myself. 

L'Wren was an accomplished stylist to the stars and fashion designer who had been legally married to lesser millionaires than the Rolling Stone's singer twice before.  Reports on the Internet are numerous and mostly repetitive, some suggesting that her business had failed and that she was depressed over remaining unmarried and childless and perhaps not being invited on the Rolling Stone's tour of Australia and New Zealand with their large entourage.

One of the reports that touched me the most was that the actress Ellen Barkin, a good friend of L'Wren's, was one of the people who went and sat with L'Wren's dead body until she was taken away.  And I keep thinking, when I hear L'Wren tied her neck by a scarf to a door handle and knelt, is how that worked.  L'Wren was six foot three or four without the high heels, but I don't get how you kneel and hang!

The act of suicide by one so physically healthy, beautiful, talented, and barely old, is so difficult to understand.  Mick Jagger had two previous girlfriends, in the 1960's, who were also so depressed when he broke with them to have attempted it, Chrissie and Marianne.

But if I may, there are lessons to be learned by L'Wren Scott's life...


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone Number


First of all, if you are feeling depressed and isolating yourself, be it over a man, a career, a whole bunch of things or just one damn thing, there is so much help out there for you!  In recent years it's been said that one woman in four will go through a serious bout of depression in her lifetime.  Yes, there are meds and maybe you'll only need them as you talk things out, make some decisions, and go through a rough transition. 

Don't be TOO PROUD to get that help! 

Secondly, I think L'Wren was in the position of being a mistress, not one hidden away, but a mistress, when she wanted to be a wife.  IF YOU WANT TO BE A WIFE, IF YOU WANT LEGAL MARRIAGE, don't get yourself hung up in a relationship with a man who is NOT EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE FOR MARRIAGE.  This can be because he is married, because he is adverse to marriage, because he is not ready to be married to anyone, or because he doesn't want to marry you!  (You could almost say that you can't take that personally!)

If your man sleeps around he's putting you in danger.  He can bring home diseases that will wreck your fertility and chances of having children.  I have always heard that Mick Jagger is a sex addict.  I've heard this from people who say they were close to the camp.   I don't know what to think since the man is now 70 and you might think he started slowing down long ago.  But whatever your marital status, when you go to the gyne, get checked for everything, and go often if you or your lover have others.  (Men should also be checked for STD's frequently!)


If you are thinking of suicide - thinking about pills, guns, scarves, nooses, or elevators to the top of a skyscraper, believe me, you probably are at least temporarily mentally ill. You may be in such pain that you can't think of others any more but believe it, if you kill yourself, you will HURT other people.  

So do you want to HURT THEM or BE OUT OF PAIN YOURSELF?  How about you get well, get out of bad relationships?

Your children especially are owed more. You will leave them abandoned and wondering and you'll leave a legacy for your children to cope with.  So with that last bit of hope you can spare, for them, you must get help.

DON'T LIE TO YOURSELF.  Admitting your weaknesses is as important as admitting your strengths.  Don't get sucked into the denial of "positive thinking" about yourself, your life.  Speak up when you want more or different!  L'Wren is said to have wanted marriage and children but felt that she would loose Mick if she brought it up.   Why is it that so many very accomplished women are AFRAID to tell a man what they want in general or what they want with him when they are giving so much of themselves and their lives to him?

If you've been in a relationship that has been long enough to have a history, sentimentality, ageing, finances, and so much more can KEEP YOU THERE, keep you from leaving.  I'm sure L'Wren felt overwhelmed with failure, as if nothing was going her way, but even if that were so,  her sense of not being valuable on this planet just as a human is heart breaking.*


Note: March 24 - 27 2014 : I have slightly rewritten the original post because when I read it on someone else's computer, I realized it might have been a little confusing.  Tomorrow is L'Wren's funeral in Hollywood.  She was cremated and her ashes split between the Jagger Family and her Utah family.  I do not condemn her to hell eternal for the act of suicide, and I hope she is there in her spirit.  I even feel sorry for Mick Jagger.

Missy Rapport/Mistress Manifesto BlogSpot  C 2014 All Rights Reserved including International and Internet Rights.


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Dr. Toni Grant married and moved away, but she was one of the first talk show hosts on radio to focus on psychology.  People, mostly women, and mostly women who couldn't seem to get and keep relationships going, called in for advice.  Eventually she wrote this book, which I have in my library, and which is aimed at the dynamic woman who can't get married.  (I want to make it clear that's not every woman!)
Famous for coining phrases such as Pooh Bear Eternis (the male who never matures) and Ghostly Lover (when you love a man who does not exist, exists only in your imagination, or who you're so hung up on you can't move on to another), and the various aspects of femininity such as the Mother and the Courtesan, Dr. Toni Grant's feminism was seriously questioned.  (Personally I think of her as one type of feminist - there are many!)
I've been debating over Pamela and Patricia.  In one scene in her book STRANGE DAYS,  Jim Morrison calls Patricia "Mother."  It's a cut.  He doesn't want her to tell him what to do.  In her book she goes on a bit about the fact that she would not put up with him treating her badly or his drug abuse or alcoholism and Pam would.  Pamela Courson, more vulnerable, clearly dependent, with a pixie-ish voice and girlishness about her, seems to me to be more of a Courtesan, but it's she who goes about telling people she's Jim's wife, while for years Patricia keeps her witch wedding with Jim a secret.

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"I will not use his surname as mine when I'm not (legally) married to him."

You may not like the surname you were born with, adopted with, or that you carry from a previous legal marriage, but declaring yourself the owner of his surname when you haven't legally married is, in my strong opinion, out of the question.  (If you've established a career or a reputation in the name you have, it's totally out of the question.  If you simply hate your name, change it, but not to his!)

Declaring such possessiveness will probably get you nowhere, especially if it doesn't work out.  If you marry, then it's your decision to carry his name.   Let him gift it to you then.  The younger you are now, the truer this is.  Carrying on with a name you took in your youth, when there is no longer a relationship, may get in the way of you moving on into another relationship!

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PATRICIA'S book STRANGE DAYS is my main source for this comparison, though I've read around Pamela a bit too.


Says to Jim that she doesn't want a traditional or legal marriage and is fine with a long distance relationship with him, that she doesn't want to live with him - that living together could make it boring or destroy their relationship.

Says that she is fine with Jim having sex with other women so long as she's not in town when he does but otherwise acts competitively and bossy.

Is proud that she is highly intelligent, self supporting, a career woman, a feminist, and a witch.  She considers her Celtic witch wedding to be spiritually valid so long as love exists, and claims she doesn't need more.

She enjoys dressing to flaunt her breasts which are larger than Pamela's.  She also feels the need to let Pamela know that she and Jim have had a friendship, are lovers, and chose abortion together when she becomes pregnant - that their relationship is serious - unlike all those other women.  They write letters to each other.

Feels the need to talk to him in person to make the decision about abortion and paying for it is the only money he spends on, though he did buy her some expensive gifts of jewelry.

Says she does not apologize for her drug use which she enjoyed at the time and though describing the use of multiple prescription drugs in response to stress, says she is always in control and not an addict.  Acts shocked when Jim says a problem with Pamela is that she's become a heroin addict.


Tells everyone that she is Jim's "wife," though she knows that's not true, and Jim knows she does and says "so what?"

Has a "Pixish" voice and girlish presence.  A hippie who is "cool" with how things are..

Knows he has other women and let's him know what she thinks of that when she has to hunt him down after standing her up on her birthday - again.   Tells him about how he disappointed her rather than telling him what to do.

Came to Hollywood as a teenage, no education - no college or vocational training, no profession, but does get Jim to spend at least a few hundred thousand so that she can own a boutique called "Themis."  As a business it's a looser, and eventually she can't cope with it.

Strives not to be unkind to Patricia when Patricia may be trying to shock her into a reality about her relationship with Jim.

Jim says he feels responsible for her, because she's dependent and came into the relationship so young.  (Pamela and Patricia are about the same age.)

Less wordy than Patricia but not out to impress anyone with her word choices.  Jim says she could never do what Patricia has and can do.

As a muse, she believes she has been the inspiration for Jim's songs, and that may be true.  She encourages him to move on to being the poet he really wants to be.

May have responded to Jim's "cheating" by also having affairs with other men.  May have prostituted herself from about the time he died to the time all the legal issues were handled after he died and she finally got some money coming in, to support a heroin habit.

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HUFF POST: GOAT SMELL FEMALES PHEROMONES   by Brian Owens  of the Huffington Post.          


Anyone who has ever spent time around goats knows they have a certain smell. By carefully analyzing eau de male goats, researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on Feb. 27 have now identified a novel, citrus-scented ingredient that speaks directly to the females. It acts on female goats' brains to turn their reproductive systems on.

The distinctive aroma of goats does more than just make barnyards extra fragrant. Male goats can use their heady scent to make female goats ovulate simply by being near them.
Researchers had ascribed this 'male effect' to chemicals known as primer pheromones — a chemical signal that can cause long-lasting physiological responses in the recipient. Examples of primer pheromones are rare in mammals; the male effect in goats and sheep, and a similar effect in mice and rats, where the presence of males can speed up puberty in females, are the only known cases. But exactly what substances are at work and how has remained a mystery.   


I've always wondered if this same thing is what makes humans attracted to each other - or not!

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The sound quality on this isn't terrific but I thought you would want to get a feeling for Patricia years later - her look and sound.  She's clearly a very intelligent woman.  In her book she notes that back in the 1960's people didn't think about addiction or know what we know now.

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SINCE I WANT MY READERS TO FOCUS ON OTHER MAN SHARING MISTRESSES I'VE DECIDED TO TAKE THIS MONTH DOWN - AT LEAST FOR A WHILE! Thanks for reading! Missy Of the entire book, STRANGE DAYS, which is Patricia Kennealy's side of the story, the part about the conversation she has with Pamela Courson when she goes to Los Angeles before Jim and Pamela leave for Paris, is the most revealing to me.  It's on pages 244- 245-246-247-248 of the hardback.  Patricia had her abortion and it seems to have disturbed her very much, even though she talks logically about it.  Jim didn't keep his promise that he would be there and go through it with her and she's angry.  She also confronts him about who her competition really is.  She has given Jim many assurances that she loves him and can cope with a long distance relationship.  When she visits Pamela, Pamela may be high.  At first, Pamela remembers her as a "really cool writer" they had dinner with in New York.

Patricia  ..." There are a few things I think maybe you ought to know and I don't know if it will hurt you but I'm afraid I have to tell you anyway."  What I tell her, industrial strength, is that Jim and I have been having an affair for more than a year, have been friends for almost two.  She seems surprised and genuinely intrigued.

Pamela ... "Wow, I never met one of Jim's girlfriends before..."

Then Patricia tells her that they were going to have a baby until a month ago.

Pamela ... "Ohhh, and you decided not to have it after all.  Oh Patricia, that's so sad.  That must have been so hard for you."  She sounds as if she really feels bad for me.  I reinforce the point.  "Jim and I together decided not to have it."

Pamela... "Oh yea - I see that but it would have been nice if you could have loved Jim enough to have the baby."

Pamela tells Patricia how and when she and Jim met - in 1965 - September. Then Patricia tells Pamela she was in Miami with Jim for a week.  Jim didn't want Pamela there.

Pamela says to Patricia... "But it's not over.  Jim still loves you, and you him, no it's cool, it really is.  I tell him all the time, Jim you've outgrown me, you need to find someone to challenge your mind."  She looks at me with not the slightest hint of hostility and says, "I guess he found you.  Do you know Patricia, I haven't balled  him for over a year?  It's not so different from what you have with him, and it's cool,  believe me, it's cool."

Patricia wonders if this confession of Pamela's is supposed to make her feel better.  She thinks, "Or is it some kind of bizarre permission I am being given here - the head wife in the Morrison harem giving her permission to the second wife?"

(Missy here!  Honestly, Pamela sounds like she's doing her best to understand and accept the situation, high or not.  She's not a bitch!)

After Pam left for Paris a week or so before Jim was to, their mutual friend Diane, who figures in all of this, alerts Patricia, and Patricia goes to spend time with Jim in the mostly vacant apartment Pamela was renting with his money.  They had a pretty good time until the end when he gets drunk and obnoxious, allowing another woman to come on to him in front of her, and then taking both women to see strippers.  Patricia finds herself out of control and beating up this woman who she then demands drive her to the airport.   Patricia still gets some letters from Jim sent from Paris as if nothing went wrong, as if he still plans to return to her in the fall, but it's the last she sees of him alive.  He dies there before anything more can happen.

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SINCE I WANT MY READERS TO FOCUS ON OTHER MAN SHARING MISTRESSES I'VE DECIDED TO TAKE THIS MONTH DOWN - AT LEAST FOR A WHILE! Thanks for reading! Missy  In her memoir, Patricia writes of her unhappiness with what Oliver Stone did with her story in his film THE DOORS but she did act in the film as the High Priestess who married her and Jim Morrison!   (I was looking for a clip of that scene on YouTube but this is what I found.) She says her living room where they were married in a Celtic witch ceremony was tiny and this scene is total fantasy.

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NOTE: IN NOVEMBER 2017 I decided to put this month back up after a pause.  Basically I feel many months that are just as worthy of reading were being ignored over this month.  Right away people were chiming in on the question I suppose I posed using the title than I have.  So please hear me out on this.  There is so much focus on the women and in particular, because Patricia wrote a deeply personal memoir, a focus on if she's truthful or not.  BUT THE REAL ISSUE FOR ME IS MORE ABOUT JIM MORRISON and HIS ABILITY TO HAVE MULTIPLE RELATIONSHIPS, SOME SIMULTANEOUS.  I don't think he felt any guilt over triangulated relationships, making women compete over him, leading women on, or any of it.  He was assuming a male privilege, I think, especially because he could, being famous.  So this is a popular month and popular post and as a result, I would like more COMMENTARY on how JIM was conducting HIS RELATIONSHIPS!  Missy Nov 2017

Missy UPDATE February 2017  
Just finished reading this very short e-book, which repeats a chapter from Patricia's earlier memoir, focusing on the engagement and marriage ceremony.  The book has a forward that is honestly opinionated against Pamela. Easily available through many libraries as an e-book, you might want to read it.  Patricia says that she holds Pamela responsible for Jim's death, that he had told her, as well as others, and his attorney that he was going to use the time in Paris to break with Pamela, and that he was disgusted with Pamela's heroin use and had not been a user himself!


Patricia Kennealy Morrison is called Jim Morrison's widow.   She's also called THE LIZARD QUEEN.

Patricia Keannealy in her twenties about the time she was with Jim.
UPDATE APRIL 2016  A New Documentary/ Independent Film About JIM MORRISON
coming soonBILLBOARD - JIM MORRISON DOC - EARLY YEARS (2013 announcement of the project by Filmmakers Jeff Finn and Jess Finn looking for kickstarter funds.)  I heard about it on Coast to Coast AM the other night (sleepless!  My dog barking at cats fighting in the backyard!) and let's just say that maybe... just maybe Jim did fake his own death!?)

If you've seen the Oliver Stone film THE DOORS, or read around this subject, say for instance Patricia's enthralling book, pictured below, STRANGE DAYS - MY LIFE WITH AND WITHOUT JIM MORRISON, you know that she and Jim married in a Celtic-Pagan witch ceremony called a handfasting.  They knew it wasn't legally binding without a Civil marriage, which never took place, but it was spiritually binding and for Patricia that meant for as long as she loves him and she still does. 

You may also know that Jim Morrison died in Paris in 1971 and that there is still some mystery attached to his death.  In his will he left everything to Pamela Susan Courson who had been introducing herself as "Mrs. Morrison," for years.  What you may not know is that Pamela's parents, who inherited the Jim Morrison estate when she died a few years later, went to court to have her relationship with Jim declared a common law marriage. 

According to Patricia, Jim told her that he and Pamela had lived with each other on and off and that he was ending his relationship with Pamela by going to Paris; He pretty much stayed in motels.  He said he was coming back to the states and wanted them to live together in the fall in New York.

Jim knew that Pamela called herself his wife.  He told Patricia not to mind Pamela's declarations since it wasn't true.  Even Pamela admitted to Patricia that there was never a legal marriage. (I'll get to the revealing discussion the two women had later this month!)

Is the fact that Jim Morrison was living in Paris with Pamela when he died and that his will left everything to her the most telling about who he really considered to be his "life partner" ? 

Pamela Courson in her twenties about the time she knew Jim.
She was Jim's girlfriend for at least a couple years before he met Patricia. 
Both women were aware and accepted that the shaman-rock star
also had affairs and groupies.

When a rock star has so very many women interested in him, women willing to do things his way, he gets spoiled.  At the time of Morrison's death it is rumored that at least 20 women were filing for support for children they said were his.  (These days with DNA testing it would be more interesting!  Haven't heard anything more about this, have you?)  Yes, I read this on the internet, one of many sites including Patricia's blog that I read before I wrote this article!   I also read a newish book that just came out by another writer, Judy Huddelston's LOVE HIM MADLY, about her dysfunctional relationship with Morrison.  (Was there any other kind?)

Personally, I don't think I could give a man like Jim Morrison more than a few minutes!  He seemed to not just triangulate his relationship with Pamela and Patricia, but butt women against each other with himself as the prize!

Is a woman calling him her husband, telling the world that there is a marriage there, her way of holding on to him or competing with other women?   Does the woman consider herself to be the wife because she is OK with his other women so long as she's his number one woman/wife?

How much of these women's attitudes about their relationships - Jim's multiple relationships - was part of the Hippie era ethic?  Love The One You're With?

Is the true test of being a wife or a mistress about money? ... Pamela got thousands of dollars from Jim while he was still alive to open a clothing boutique which she was ultimately not interested in.  She may have never fully supported herself financially and needed Jim's money.  He felt she needed him. Patricia was self supporting and didn't expect or ask for any support - except for the money for an expensive late term abortion.

I've long loved the movie, THE DOORS.  I thought it captured the excitement and controversy of an era.  I also didn't know that it wasn't completely accurate until I read Patricia's book.  She needed to clarify the exaggeration of the blood letting scene.  Her apartment living room was tiny and there were only ritual nicks and just a few drops of blood to seal the marriage oath - not a blood bath!

It was a courageous book, especially her honesty about that late saline abortion she endured way back when New York was a rare state that allowed abortions.  It was horrific, what women suffered.

I think you have to think about the Hippie Era to try and wrap your mind around these women's attitudes, because while each was claiming to be his wife, they also knew he had other women, from Groupies, to other relationships.   I think the right term for all these relationships is "Open." 

I think what these women put up with is much more than most modern mistresses put up with!  - or should!

In the book I found some passages that reveal that Patricia too wondered about Jim conducting relationships with both of them at the same time.  The two women actually managed to have some confrontations as well as conversations with each other in New York and in Los Angeles.   Patricia dared ask herself "What does he see in her?"

You have to know also that all three used a lot of drugs, his being mostly alcohol, but still drugs that altered moods, reduced inhibitions, and could have set all three on the path to self destruction. 

It's Patricia who survived though it seems clear if you read her book, written years after Jim's Death, or even her more current blog, that she's never gotten over Jim Morrison.   I feel for her.  If he is not her ghostly lover, than through the years other men have felt they couldn't compete with him!

Patricia has been a professional writer since her recent college grad days in the mid 1960's and was a rare woman editor of a music magazine when she met Jim but it took more than writing expertise to do this book. 

Now if you take a quick look at the cover, you might think to yourself - hey there's Pamela on Patricia's book cover.   Well, actually Pamela and Patricia, while not identical, had some things in common besides relationships going with Jim Morrison at the same time.  Yes, they were both light skinned, red haired beauties, though physically and intellectually dissimilar. (Patricia's long dark auburn hair reached 3 feet long! and she was a member of Mensa, while Pam, according to Patricia, was ditzy.) 

Could it be that the two of them were like one whole woman to Morrison, each supplying something the other could not ? 

Today Patricia is in her 60's and the writer of a successful series of fantasy books.  She has continued her occult studies and is a High Priestess as well as a minister in the Universal Light Church and can conduct a marriage ceremony for you!  She has also been Knighted in Scotland.
Pam didn't live all that much longer than Jim, having finally gotten through all the estate hassles of being his only heir, and then dieing of a heroin overdose.   Patricia speculates that because the Jim Morrison she knew wasn't into heroin that Pamela may have had more to do with his death than she admitted to or was held responsible for.  Could she have administered a fatal dose of drug because she knew she was loosing Jim to a serious rival - Patricia?  One witness years later said that Jim had died in a toilet at the Rock and Roll Circus club and his body had been moved to the apartment bathtub.  Pamela was never the writerly type and is not around to speak for herself.
Part of my question here is the one I've been asking since the beginning of this blog.  HOW DO YOU DEFINE MISTRESS IN A TIME WHEN SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SKIPPING MARRIAGE?  When people keep separate residences but consider themselves to be a committed couple?  When each is self supporting so being a mistress is not about being supported?  Is the definition financial?
Stick with me as I provide you the telling quotes from Patricia's book, and try to figure this one out myself, using the work of DR. TONI GRANT!
C 2014 All Rights Reserved Mistress Manifesto/Missy Rapport 

P.S.  It's 2016!  This post has been featured on many Internet search engines due to its great popularity, but let me explain to you that MISTRESS MANIFESTO is a blog about Mistresses, and alternative relationships that are not traditional marriage between just two people, and over the years I've covered - and still cover - many other interesting people and related subjects.  I invite you, now that you're here, to go to the top of this blog, or to go through the archives, and choose one or more TOPICS to read before you leave us!  This year I've covered the Silent Screen actress CLARA BOW, and the Mother of Modern Dance, ISADORA DUNCAN, and am planning a number of surprises in the coming months! I love reading, researching, and writing this blog!  Thanks for your visit!  Missy

P.S. It's May of 2017.  I was just reading over Comments, some which I haven't published, about this post.  I'm aware that some readers feel the need to take sides here between Patricia and Pam so let me clarify some things.  First I read Patricia's memoir, which is very emotional as well as very detailed.  I took notes.  I read it again. When I read Comments taking vicious slings and calling her delusional, I have to say READ HER BOOK COVER TO COVER.  Do you really think that a respected film director like Oliver Stone would risk having her as a consultant on the film THE DOORS, risk all that Hollywood money, his own reputation, if HE thought she was delusional?  The other problem is that in such a complicated situation - and she admits everyone including she was using drugs or alcohol for some or all of it - no two person are going to have the very same perception, opinion, or experience, and the only thing she can do as a writer is SPEAK HER OWN TRUTH.  Jim isn't here to give us his side of the story and neither is Pamela, and there were other women too. I'm convinced she did.  I'm also sure that as the years have gone by she may have a different perspective about those times and her life than when she was living them. Hers is not an easy story to tell.  Ultimately, it is her KARMA. Haven't you looked back at a relationship you once had and retell yourself a story about it?

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"A lover always thinks of his mistress first and himself second: with a husband it runs the other way." - Honore de Balzac


Good Morning My Faithful Readers, wherever you are - The Phillipines? Russia? Argentina? I've been thinking about YOU, because I check to see where my readers are coming from and sometimes I think "What must it be to be a Mistress in a whole different culture, one that may be more conservative right now, or maybe one that has more newly wealthy entrepreneurs, like Russia does.

For this blog I write about people, mostly women in heterosexual relationships though we know that being kept is not exclusive to women or heterosexuals, I write about people who have become famous or infamous, because it's not my thing to out people who live private lives, and I seek to define Mistress since it's clear that you do not have to be single yourself, involved with an officially married person (what in this age when so many couples do not officially marry and homosexuals are fighting for the right to be married!), or actually be an adulterer to be a Mistress.

That's one of the reasons I'm AMUSED at times CONFUSED at other times by the use of the word MISTRESS in the media. First, even the world COURTESAN has meant different things in different cultures, from being a high class prostitute to simply a woman who is highly accomplished in the arts. Secondly, and I think unfortunaltey, the word Mistres brings up many web sites that are clearly playing on the Sadio-Masocistic aspect of relationships in which a woman, often a prostitute, plays up her domination. Not sure where this started but I think "English boarding schools!" third, the press seems to use the word Mistress for any woman who has simply had an affair with a man of newsworthyness, say a celebracty or a politiocian. So many people are having AFFAIRS today that I back away from the use of Mistress to mean women who are having affairs. Certainly women who go on booty calls are not mistresses, they're simply free spirits at this time in their lives. Then there are the common stereotyupes, and as with all stereotypes maybe there's some truth to them. The stereotyle is an adultress, a "home - wrecker," who tears apart a marriage, or a woman who is simply addicted to the challenge of getting and keeping a man who another woman has claims to. Contrast that with the fact that in some cases,historically and now, there are Mistresses who actually help another woman keep her marriage together. Yes, some wifes and mistresses know of each other and have boundaries but actually are friends! Why is this so surprising at a time when we have come through the "Love The One You're With" Summer of Love, 1960's, and know that some people have chosen to live in polygamous and other relationships peopled by 3 or more?