Sunday, August 4, 2013


Through these pages you'll find Mistresses who died penniless and exiled after being with Kings and Princes, and Mistresses who did well enough (or were smart or lucky enough) to live off the gifts they were given for being a man's companion in their youth for the rest of their life.  You also read a lot about famous and infamous mistresses. The mistresses (and a few mantresses) that you've read about are generally well known.

RUTH TYRANGIEL, however, is a mysterious mistress muse.  Most of us only know about her because she sued the world famous singer-songwriter Bob Dylan for palimony*  and there was a settlement out of court, generous enough for her, if she's smart and lucky, to live the rest of her life very well off.  Most of us only know about Ruth because she is, last we heard, living in retirement in New York (mostly) from the undisclosed settlement that her lawyer brokered for her with Bob's.  (A few years back she sold her home there to actress Renee Zellweger.)

Though involved with one of the world's most prolific and respected singer-songwriters, BOB DYLAN, for seventeen to twenty years of their lives, few outside Dylan's intimate circle of family and friends, knew about Ruth. 

She kept a low profile and Bob tries to keep his private life out of the media, very successfully.  With the women he has married and/or had children with, he believes it is best to shield them from fame.  He's the provider who goes out into the world and brings back the goodies, but Ruth claimed in her law suit that in all the years she knew him he only gave her one gift - an orange. 

Was this a case of Bob wanting Ruth to prove that she loved him only for himself?  I'd say she succeeded!

During that time he was married to his wife Sara, with whom he has four children. Bob and Sara divorced and then he married again - but not Ruth.  (Bob Dylan is rumored to have fathered at least seven children, and possibly one son with Ruth.) 

Ruth said in her statement that he promised he would marry her.

I first heard her name less than a decade ago when I met one of those people who explained to me that her surname means DOOR ANGEL in Hebrew.  Still, I had no idea that when this person said "involved" with Bob Dylan," that we were talking a MISTRESS, a MYSTERIOUS woman who was involved with a ENIGMATIC MAN.  I hadn't read any of the books about Bob Dylan in which she is mentioned.

Ruth MilesTryangiel is so mysterious I had to really dig to come up with some information about her for you. There are far more mistresses that will live their lives unknown to the world, like Ruth, than the famous and infamous ones.

*See my previous posts about Michelle Triola Marvin who sued actor Lee Marvin for not providing support for her after living together as if man and wife, the suit that coined the word "palimony."

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I recently picked up a simple comment which wouldn't publish - guess there's a glitch.  It said, "I wonder if Bob really loved Ruth."  I bet he did, but then I think there are so very many ways to love. When a man has a long involvement with a woman well, that says a lot. Consider that Ruth, as far as we know, was only photographed publically with Bob once.  No doubt they had some sort of understanding that she remain in his private life, and not his public!  That's my opinion!  Missy

In addition I also want to mention that someone sent me information on Ruth that I have no way of proving, without a name, reference, or link.  If that's YOU, please provide me a way to check out that information!


Good Human said...

She is also seen in the movie "Monterey Pops" sitting next to him on the piano bench, singing with him. They definately look in love.

JoeBlog said...

I met Ruth in 1989, at a retreat up in the mountains of Santa Monica. It was a sort of west coast, personal growth thing. It cut pretty deep and being in my "pod" for ten days of deeply personal and intimate (platonic) sharing, we got to know each other pretty well. She did talk about Bob, but ut certainly wasn't in the bragging category. Just imagine how hard it would be for anyone to be the muse and mistress of one of the world's most famous enigmas for 20 some odd years, and not be able to talk with too many people about it. She was a very nice person with particular issues and concerns, but she had a great energy, as one might imagine, and was a fairly put together and powerful person in her own right. I wont add any personal details, but... being as snap-happy back then as people are today, I do happen to have some pictures, in pristine condition I might add, to back up my story. FWIWIG.

Missy said...

I've heard some rumors about Ruth before ever writing about her on this blog and since then, but I chose to publish these two. I would love to know if she is well and if she is indeed settled in New York City or back on the West Coast where she has family. Thanks Missy