Thursday, August 15, 2013


EXCERPT: FROM REUTERS: "Woman Wants $5M +"

   LOS ANGELES--A woman who says she lived with Bob Dylan for nearly 20 years is suing the folk-rock superstar for at least $5 million plus an unspecified amount of palimony.

     In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior  Court Wednesday, Ruth Tryangiel said she was  always available to Dylan during their years together and that he had promised to marry her.

     Tryangiel also claims she helped Dylan in his  business decisions and assisted writing some of  his songs. The lawsuit says Tryangiel is entitled  to $5 million based on property acquired while  they were living together and income from song  royalties and other sources...

... The suit said that early in their relationship,  Dylan and Tryangiel had agreed to represent themselves to the public as man and wife, and to share any income earned while they were together.

     On the palimony issue, the lawsuit says, "Plaintiff and defendant enjoyed and maintained  during the course of their relationship a certain standard of living, which standard of living  defendant promised to main for plaintiff the rest  of her life."

     Tryangiel alleges breach of contract, fraud, deceit and intentional infliction of emotional distresses, saying she has suffered "humiliation,  mental anguish, emotional and physical injuries, loss of energy, severe tension and profound shock  and anxiety."

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