Saturday, August 10, 2013


Missy here.

I'm aware that these days Models, particularly in New York and Los Angeles, are often kept by music men - Rock Stars!

Rock Stars often have Groupies too.  Some of them have women - girlfriends, mistresses, and Groupies, all around the world.

So why would a man want to keep a woman when he can have all that sex, without any responsibility at all to those woman?

Maybe because he wants to make his life more simple (yes really!) by having one woman in the world that he feels true to. Maybe he loves a particular woman but also feels he has chance most men don't and doesn't want to say no to sexual experiences. Maybe he keeps a woman because he can show her off to other men - his band mates - the world!

I also know of women of all shapes, sizes, and degrees of beauty, who are/were keeping their musician boyfriend, working hard and long and paying all the bills to support them both, so he can pursue his Rock Star career.  These women are paying for rehearsal time, nights out to schmooze, clothes - I mean wardrobe - costumes!  They believe in him and they also want the excitement of a Rock Star lifestyle.

When a man keeps a woman, he most often keeps her from other men, the competition, keeps her from dating.

And when a woman keeps a man?

These women who keep their Rock-Star-to-be-boyfriends are not without their own ambitions, usually to be the man's wife and share in his success. I don't know how many of them achieve this.

Another reason there is the Rock Star - Model connection is that to be successful many Models quit high school at 16 and make it to a big city where they are very vulnerable, on their own for the first time without much real chaperoning. They are often too trusting for the situation of having so very many men chasing after them and feel better about having just one man, often a worldly older man, in their lives.

While this relationship can have advantages, usually when you're a teenager your boyfriend should probably be another teenager, but to get real, the young model with the older man as a lover is common and so is a young model being kept by a photographer or someone else in the business. (I'm saying younger here but I'm concerned about jail bait young.)

At the same time a lot of Rock Stars are also dropping out of school young to pursue their music, to get a head start in an occupation that is driven by youth.  You could say that the models and rock stars have that youth, ambition, and the zeal of the new and so much else in common.

It can all be really adventurous and heady.

Another reason there are so many Model - Rock Star connections is that once a woman is modeling she meets a whole lot of other models who have men in their lives that make life easier for them - sweeter - or who want to keep them. There's a lot of struggle in modeling for most who aspire to it. While taking so much rejection it can be wonderful to come home to someone who thinks you're special enough to be helped.




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