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C 1993 Matt Ridley's book "The Red Queen" is published by HarperCollins

page 223-224

"What's in it for the birds? ... Adulterers father more young. But it is not at all clear why the female is so often unfaithful... A female swallow needs a husband who will help her look after her young, but by the time she arrives at the breeding site, she might find all the best husbands taken. Her best tactic is therefore to mate with a mediocre husband or a husband with a good territory and have an affair with a genetically superior neighbor. This theory is supported by the facts: Females always choose more dominant, older, or more "attractive" (that is ornamented) lovers than their husbands; they do not have affairs with bachelors (presumably rejects) but with other females husbands; and they sometimes incite competition between potential lovers and choose the winners. Male swallows with artificially lengthened tails acquired a mate ten days sooner, were eight times as likely to have a second brood, and had twice as high a chance of seducing a neighbor's wife as ordinary swallows..."


Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Recently, I was looking at the innards of this blog, the parts that tell me where readers are from, what posts they're interested in, and so on.

I noticed that many hits were coming from a video, a very clever, arty, cartoon marketing tool, advertising someone named JOSH PELLICER, who is teaching men how to seduce women. 

Pellicer is not teaching men how to get or keep a relationship.  Maybe he thinks that comes after you've slept with hundreds of women or if you accidentally fall in love with one of your conquests.

I was interested to hear what he had to say and watched the video, maybe 10-15 minutes, before there was any instructions on how to sign up for a class or personal coaching.

I think Josh may be using this blog in some way when he teaches men how to seduce.  Part of his theory is that women are always wanting what other women have - including their men.

Anyone who reads this blog about mistresses must know that, while considered unconventional, most mistresses are stand-by-your man types, few historical mistresses were as promiscuous as some women are today.

This is a recap of what the video which is totally oriented towards men and heterosexuality, tries to tantalize with: Josh comes off as honest and earnest and youthful. He begins with the story of how he was a henpecked guy who did everything his live in girlfriend wanted, until he found himself staying in his car behind a building while her father made a surprise visit to her in North Carolina. 

Technically briefly homeless, Josh was harassed a bit by the police and made to feel the shame for being such a wimp. He became bitter that he moved to North Carolina with her, worked two bad jobs to support them, and that she never revealed their relationship to her father. He was deceived somehow.

This deception was his inspiration to learn how to pick up "chicks" and "9" and "10" "hotties," who will flirt and sleep with a man without too much effort on the man's part. 

Claiming to sleep with fifteen new women a month (and there was no mention of safe sex or contraception to the point that I watched the video) Josh is exacting his revenge by teaching other men his "BIZZARO CHICK TRICKS" so that they too can successfully pick up scores of women, using manipulative secrets he wants to share.

If a man wants to be a PLAYER, this video makes some promises, that a man does not need money, fame, success, big muscles, a full head of hair, or good looks.  All he needs is to practice Josh's tricks.

Some of his tricks include looking at a woman's mouth (not her face or eyes) when talking to her, not bodily facing her right away which can be considered too aggressive, and using pick up lines in which  a man makes a claim he sense that she is comfortable and open minded, claiming that he is sensitive and feels a vibe.

Some of these tricks are based in psychology theories and some in subliminal manipulation.  Women apparently cannot be dealt with in an honest and straightforward fashion.  They want to be manipulated into sex.

I just don't know any women like that!

Throughout this blog I advise awareness, self education, and self honesty. Yes, we should be aware of men who are seductive. Nowhere do I advise people to be manipulative to get laid, get money, or anything else. It concerns me that some men will be encouraged to be unethical and disrespectful of other people's self determination in their dealings with women, all for a higher score.

Though I know that some women are seduced by liars and live to regret it, I say to them "Do not lie to yourself."  If you're unhappy in any relationship why keep it?  If you're taking good enough care of yourself to keep your independence, you won't have to.

We need to understand ourselves and what it is we want with another person, for sex, for love, for relationship. We also need to check in with ourselves to ask if we have changed in our desires or expectations from time to time.

Some women at some point in their lives want to be sexually explorative. 

I tend to think that women who are "falling" for techniques such as Josh's compilation, are in that time of life. So a guy is coming on to them, so he's transparent, so she's heard it before.  If he's attractive enough, maybe she will.

That's her choice and decision, if she's intelligent and mature and a bit wise to the world.

I've met women who were in that time of life.  Sometimes in their youth, sometimes after a divorce, or even in old age as an experience they never had.

I've also met men who are seducing women because they want to be taken in and kept.  They want to stay at home and write or paint and have dinner on the table when she comes home. Some of them are truly talented and need a patron or mentor and are appreciative.  Others just can't keep a regular job and would be homeless if not for their bountiful lady.  Some of these men think they are so good in bed that they are, at least in their own minds, trading sex for a roof over their heads and a meal in their belly.

If everyone knows that's what's happening, then again, that's their choice. 

I've met more women who are all about their relationship. Hate to say it but most women these days, even those with careers, seem to do a whole lot his way.

Josh is right that women are not all looking for money, fame, big muscles, etc. in order to find a man attractive. I don't know if he's encouraging men to seduce women who are poor nobodies, but he has a double standard because sure does emphasize beauties as more worth winning over.  Maybe he thinks that beautiful women are normally more resistant to seduction and that seducing a beautiful woman is more of a win.  Maybe the wimp in him wants to be seen with a beautiful woman to prove he's a great guy. 

(Maybe this is ALL about impressing other guys?)

I don't believe in dishonesty in order to seduce.  When a person lies to another person to seduce him or her, he takes away his or her right of self determination based on knowing the truth.

Even if sexual attraction and compatibility are a great influence in a woman's decision making, if she wants to tie her life to a man's, if not as a wife, than as a live-in girlfriend, or a mistress, or even one of his mistresses, she should be making that decision knowing the truth, her truth. I can bet she does think about some practical matters, like having children and being able to support them.


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EXCERPT: ... " It was further agreed that Plaintiff and Defendant would hold themselves out to the general public as husband and wife, and Plaintiff would further render services, which included but was not limited to a nurse, confidante, companion, homemaker, housekeeper, cook, social- companion and advisor to Defendant..."

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EXCERPT: FROM REUTERS: "Woman Wants $5M +"

   LOS ANGELES--A woman who says she lived with Bob Dylan for nearly 20 years is suing the folk-rock superstar for at least $5 million plus an unspecified amount of palimony.

     In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior  Court Wednesday, Ruth Tryangiel said she was  always available to Dylan during their years together and that he had promised to marry her.

     Tryangiel also claims she helped Dylan in his  business decisions and assisted writing some of  his songs. The lawsuit says Tryangiel is entitled  to $5 million based on property acquired while  they were living together and income from song  royalties and other sources...

... The suit said that early in their relationship,  Dylan and Tryangiel had agreed to represent themselves to the public as man and wife, and to share any income earned while they were together.

     On the palimony issue, the lawsuit says, "Plaintiff and defendant enjoyed and maintained  during the course of their relationship a certain standard of living, which standard of living  defendant promised to main for plaintiff the rest  of her life."

     Tryangiel alleges breach of contract, fraud, deceit and intentional infliction of emotional distresses, saying she has suffered "humiliation,  mental anguish, emotional and physical injuries, loss of energy, severe tension and profound shock  and anxiety."

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Missy here.

I'm aware that these days Models, particularly in New York and Los Angeles, are often kept by music men - Rock Stars!

Rock Stars often have Groupies too.  Some of them have women - girlfriends, mistresses, and Groupies, all around the world.

So why would a man want to keep a woman when he can have all that sex, without any responsibility at all to those woman?

Maybe because he wants to make his life more simple (yes really!) by having one woman in the world that he feels true to. Maybe he loves a particular woman but also feels he has chance most men don't and doesn't want to say no to sexual experiences. Maybe he keeps a woman because he can show her off to other men - his band mates - the world!

I also know of women of all shapes, sizes, and degrees of beauty, who are/were keeping their musician boyfriend, working hard and long and paying all the bills to support them both, so he can pursue his Rock Star career.  These women are paying for rehearsal time, nights out to schmooze, clothes - I mean wardrobe - costumes!  They believe in him and they also want the excitement of a Rock Star lifestyle.

When a man keeps a woman, he most often keeps her from other men, the competition, keeps her from dating.

And when a woman keeps a man?

These women who keep their Rock-Star-to-be-boyfriends are not without their own ambitions, usually to be the man's wife and share in his success. I don't know how many of them achieve this.

Another reason there is the Rock Star - Model connection is that to be successful many Models quit high school at 16 and make it to a big city where they are very vulnerable, on their own for the first time without much real chaperoning. They are often too trusting for the situation of having so very many men chasing after them and feel better about having just one man, often a worldly older man, in their lives.

While this relationship can have advantages, usually when you're a teenager your boyfriend should probably be another teenager, but to get real, the young model with the older man as a lover is common and so is a young model being kept by a photographer or someone else in the business. (I'm saying younger here but I'm concerned about jail bait young.)

At the same time a lot of Rock Stars are also dropping out of school young to pursue their music, to get a head start in an occupation that is driven by youth.  You could say that the models and rock stars have that youth, ambition, and the zeal of the new and so much else in common.

It can all be really adventurous and heady.

Another reason there are so many Model - Rock Star connections is that once a woman is modeling she meets a whole lot of other models who have men in their lives that make life easier for them - sweeter - or who want to keep them. There's a lot of struggle in modeling for most who aspire to it. While taking so much rejection it can be wonderful to come home to someone who thinks you're special enough to be helped.




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Through these pages you'll find Mistresses who died penniless and exiled after being with Kings and Princes, and Mistresses who did well enough (or were smart or lucky enough) to live off the gifts they were given for being a man's companion in their youth for the rest of their life.  You also read a lot about famous and infamous mistresses. The mistresses (and a few mantresses) that you've read about are generally well known.

RUTH TYRANGIEL, however, is a mysterious mistress muse.  Most of us only know about her because she sued the world famous singer-songwriter Bob Dylan for palimony*  and there was a settlement out of court, generous enough for her, if she's smart and lucky, to live the rest of her life very well off.  Most of us only know about Ruth because she is, last we heard, living in retirement in New York (mostly) from the undisclosed settlement that her lawyer brokered for her with Bob's.  (A few years back she sold her home there to actress Renee Zellweger.)

Though involved with one of the world's most prolific and respected singer-songwriters, BOB DYLAN, for seventeen to twenty years of their lives, few outside Dylan's intimate circle of family and friends, knew about Ruth. 

She kept a low profile and Bob tries to keep his private life out of the media, very successfully.  With the women he has married and/or had children with, he believes it is best to shield them from fame.  He's the provider who goes out into the world and brings back the goodies, but Ruth claimed in her law suit that in all the years she knew him he only gave her one gift - an orange. 

Was this a case of Bob wanting Ruth to prove that she loved him only for himself?  I'd say she succeeded!

During that time he was married to his wife Sara, with whom he has four children. Bob and Sara divorced and then he married again - but not Ruth.  (Bob Dylan is rumored to have fathered at least seven children, and possibly one son with Ruth.) 

Ruth said in her statement that he promised he would marry her.

I first heard her name less than a decade ago when I met one of those people who explained to me that her surname means DOOR ANGEL in Hebrew.  Still, I had no idea that when this person said "involved" with Bob Dylan," that we were talking a MISTRESS, a MYSTERIOUS woman who was involved with a ENIGMATIC MAN.  I hadn't read any of the books about Bob Dylan in which she is mentioned.

Ruth MilesTryangiel is so mysterious I had to really dig to come up with some information about her for you. There are far more mistresses that will live their lives unknown to the world, like Ruth, than the famous and infamous ones.

*See my previous posts about Michelle Triola Marvin who sued actor Lee Marvin for not providing support for her after living together as if man and wife, the suit that coined the word "palimony."

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I recently picked up a simple comment which wouldn't publish - guess there's a glitch.  It said, "I wonder if Bob really loved Ruth."  I bet he did, but then I think there are so very many ways to love. When a man has a long involvement with a woman well, that says a lot. Consider that Ruth, as far as we know, was only photographed publically with Bob once.  No doubt they had some sort of understanding that she remain in his private life, and not his public!  That's my opinion!  Missy

In addition I also want to mention that someone sent me information on Ruth that I have no way of proving, without a name, reference, or link.  If that's YOU, please provide me a way to check out that information!

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"I may be a muse, inspiring the artist, or I may be the artist inspiring the muse.  I may be the light or shine the light - but I won't hide mine!"