Saturday, May 18, 2013


"I won't easily give up my own career to make a man my career - that just wouldn't be fair to me!"

She meets him and he can Provide, but now he wants her to Travel with him, and he Hopes that won't be a Problem since she can always take a semester off, leave her boring job behind, or otherwise be Available. 

Why not?  Life with him - married or not - is bound to provide distractions, entertainments, and advantages she can't provide for herself.

These days, with so very many more opportunities for self support open to women in the Western World, there are very few traditional stay at home wives or mistresses! 

While you may have to be Flexible and Reinvent Yourself to Keep this Relationship, don't give up what you've got going for yourself on a whim, just because you are Hot and In Love.

Being Feminine never meant being Foolish!


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