Sunday, December 2, 2012


I'm not going to elect a MISTRESS OF THE MONTH this month.

Not that there aren't more mistresses to write about!

Instead I decided to look at the Google Blogger stats and write about some of the most popular mistresses and posts over the last year! 

This may surprise you, but Jesse Jackson Sr.'s, Karin Stanford (sometimes the spelling of her given name is Karen and sometimes you see her surname as Stafford but I think Stanford is right) seems to be the most popular! 

As for this blog, MISTRESS MANIFESTO, no other mistress seems to have gotten as many hits!  That makes Karen the most popular mistress that I've included in my pantheon.

Next, when it comes to number of hits is a brief mention of BOB HOPE'S GIRLFRIENDS.  (I'll have to do more on that subject in 2013!)

In 2013 I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO HEAR FROM MORE OF YOU and reach deeper into my mail bag!  I'd love to give a few more people advice - or at least my point of view - but I know that so many of you are in the closet about your alternative lifestyle.  I want to respect that, which is why almost all the mistresses I've written about are public, historical, or otherwise documented persons.  I wouldn't out someone just because they wrote to me!


We all seem to agree that a mistress is a kept woman who is involved with a married man and who receives substantial financial support from him, but we all know that a person, male or female, whatever their sexuality, can be a mistress (or mantress) without being involved with a married person.  Some mistresses of very wealthy men will never have to work for a living in their lives, others are kept for a short period of time or are self supporting.

Yes, there are just so many different ways to be a mistress. 

Yet there are some people that the media has or does label "mistress" who just never were.  One of those people is Monica Lewinsky, who had an affair with President Bill Clinton while he was in office that appears to have been a one sided love.  (You can read more about Monica by using the Google search feature installed on this blog!  We can't wait to read the book she's working on!)  A mere affair does not make a mistress!

Perhaps more than anything, being a mistress is a mentality, a way of looking at love and life, a choice for some and fate for others!


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