Monday, August 27, 2012


Are you a Brute, a Suffocater, Moralizer, Tightwad, Bumbler, Windbag, Reactor, Vulgarian? (Of all of these it seems to me that the Vulgarian can most change their behavior!)
pages 134-135

"Vulgarians are inattentive to the details that are so important in seduction. You can see this in their personal appearance - their clothes are tasteless by any standard - and in their actions: they do not know what it is sometimes better to control oneself and refuse to give into one's impulses. Vulgarians will blab, saying anything in public. They have no sense of timing and are rarely in harmony with your tastes. Indiscretion, is a sure sign of the Vulgarian (talking to others of your affair, for example); it may seem impulsive, but it's real source is their radical selfishness, their inability to see themselves as others see them. More than just avoiding Vulgarians, you must make yourself their opposite - tact, style, and attention to detail area all basic requirements of a seducer..."

Penguin Books Publisher
C Robert Greene and Joost Elffers 2001

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