Tuesday, August 21, 2012


page 171 Excerpt

"Life is short, and should not be wasted pursuing and seducing the wrong people. The choice of target is critical; it is the set up of the seduction and it will determine everything else that follows. The perfect victim does not have certain facial features, or the same taste in music, or similar goals in life. That is how a banal seducer chooses his or her targets. The perfect victim is the person who stirs you in a way that cannot be explained in words, whose effect on you has nothing to do with superficialities. He or she often has a quality that you yourself lack, and may even secretly envy - The Presidente, for example, has an innocence that Valmont long ago lost or never had. There should be a little bit of tension - the victim may fear you a little, even slightly dislike you. Such tension is full of erotic potential and will make the seduction much livelier. Be more creative in choosing your prey, and you will be rewarded with a more exciting seduction. Of course, it means nothing if the potential victim is not open to your influence. Test the person first..."

Penguin Books C Robert Greene and Joost Elffers, 2001.

(The use of the term victim, is, I believe, if you read the book, almost charming, but maybe it's meant to be charmingly vampirish?)

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