Friday, May 15, 2009


"Wives and mistresses have a lot in common. I am all for wives having as much as they can get if a marriage goes wrong, but the mistress should be treated in the same way. "They are sharing half a man. He is getting the best of both of them. I am saying support the mistress as well as the wife. I am very mercenary about that."
It's recently been reported in the April 6, 2009 GLOBE news, that Sarah as a $750,000 book deal to write about her more recent seven year affair with the chef with the television series, Gordon Ramsay who she saw for seven years (We believe you Sarah!). We're hoping Sarah will write the book! And here is one of the reasons why! BECAUSE THIS WAY SARAH CAN MAKE SOME MONEY OF HER OWN IN A PROFESSION OUTSIDE MISTRESSING!
Pamela Des Barres, the Queen of the Groupies, has turned her life into a successful creative writing career, why not Sarah?

According to the page 13 report, Gordon, 42, has denied having an affair with Sarah.

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