Monday, May 18, 2009


July 2015 - this little post has gotten near 3000 hits, so I know that many of you are very interested in this subject.  So I will tell you that I have held off due to the death of Bob's wife and the liquidation of their estate.  The plan is to dedicate AUGUST 2015 to the subject of Bob Hope - and his women.

WHILE YOU ARE HERE I INVITE YOU TO LOOK AT MY BLOG FROM THE TOP DOWN.  I now have a post called the GUIDE, which will help you find past topics.  Or you can go to the side bar to find the link to the top of the blog, or check out my archived posts.  I've featured a great number of Mistresses through the years as well as topical subjects!  - Missy

ORIGINAL POST :  Someone recently told me that besides the girlfriends, Bob actually had a mistress for near 20 years, one who married someone else well and he never forgave... Click on the title above to get to an article a few years old about a book that names some of his affairs called THE SECRET LIFE OF BOB HOPE...

Now what's the difference between a mere girlfriend - an affair - and having a MISTRESS? We'll be discussing it!

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